A picture of Adam smiling into the camera on a bright, sunny day
Me - Adam McGurk

I started in the tech industry young - maintaining systems for a prominent radio station in the Bay Area.

While there, I had own on-air shift, maintained the company's office network, and built the connections that put things such as the Golden State Warriors on the air.

And while I had an absolute blast doing that, I decided I wanted to attend college, and further my journey there. So, I packed up and moved to Idaho where I attended Brigham Young University - Idaho. I began looking for any job I could find...and soon, I started as an engineer for BYU-Idaho radio.

BYU-Idaho Radio had no engineering staff, so I had the unique experience of building the department from scratch. Soon after, I got promoted to Chief Engineer. And while I was loving what I was doing, I found myself loving software even more. While at BYU-Idaho Radio, I built several internal web applications where I INSTANTLY fell in love with software.

I knew I had found my calling and wanted to do more with software. So I looked around my college for a startup that was looking for a young, hungry web developer. And I found one!!

Emperium Design was a young design agency that focused on sales and marketing websites. As I proved what I could do, they made me the lead web developer, and I had the great opportunity of leading the efforts there. But as I was leading efforts there, a startup by the name of Shine Solar started calling my name.

Shine Solar was a very small, regional solar company based in Arkansas, with it's marketing headquarters in Idaho. I started doing some freelance work for Shine, mostly systems and API integration work. As I was doing that, they realized that technology was more and more going to become a focus of the company, and so they brought me on full time! Thus began a whirlwind that has been the last three years of my life that includes:

First, building the company's customer facing mobile app in six weeks. This was my first large project at Shine and it was building the company's app that gets installed on every customer's phone. It enables customers to track the status of their system, better communicate with the company, and make referrals for our customer referral program. I had a due date of six weeks, and I did it!! It was wild seeing the first mobile app that I built in people's hands, and it's so fun to see that day over day.

Second, building an engineering team from the ground up. Being the first engineering hire in the company carried with it a lot of responsibility. But what also came was the opportunity to completely form an engineering organization. So I went and recruited, hired, and began to mentor an engineering team of varying experience. This process of building the organization has been one of the most rewarding, but challenging parts of the entire job!

Third, building the company's software suite. Luminary, the name of our custom software suite, is the sales, marketing, and fulfillment platform for Shine Solar. It was also something that I built in three months! It's since grown haha. Click this link to read more about that! Luminary is my proudest professional accomplishment. Having processed over 500,000 calls, 100,000 texts, and $60,000,000 in revenue, it is the brains and mechanism behind everything we do at Shine Solar. It informs executives with reports, holds all the data for our customers for our sales and customer support, and enables all communication between customers and Shine Solar.

My time at Shine has been great! I'm always trying my best to improve and learn, and I'm excited for what the rest of my journey has to offer!

If you want to talk, my DMs on Twitter are always open :)